What on earth is Button Shank Whipping?

We've all lost a button at some point, but at Wolf Kanat we've found a way to battle the seemingly inevitable.

Losing a shirt button is so 'last season'!

This season, Wolf Kanat shirts introduce 'Ascolite (™) Button Whipping' A Thermo-fused elastomeric thread developed in Switzerland.
Initially, buttons are sewn on in the traditional way, only slightly loose. Then the Ascolite thread is wrapped tightly under tension around the button shank threads.

This pulls the buttons tight and its simultaneously heat sealed. The result is a flexible, permanently secured, easy-to-button and perfect-looking button shank.

Too much science?

Well its more than just about stopping your buttons from falling off and avoiding the dreaded moment you have to search for matching cotton and a needle in the old Roses Tin full of sewing junk.

The day to day benefit is that since the buttons are sitting slightly more proud of your shirt placket, buttoning up becomes much easier whilst improving the fitting and button line of your shirt.

Style points bonus right there!


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