How to get more wear out of your wedding suit.

There is nothing worse than receiving a wedding invite in the mail and running through those two most common thoughts:

‘can I even fit my old suit?’ or ‘will I need to buy a new suit?’

Talk about taking away from the moment! We can all relate to dashing out and buying the first affordable thing we find secretly knowing that we will probably only wear our new purchase once. But what if you changed your mindset and started to think about suits differently. No longer is this just that suit you pull out for special occasions and weddings but instead it’s a suit that is versatile and one you can build a collection around.

This way next time you get invited to a wedding or special occasion panic won’t set in.

No more old, sad, outdated suit! No more new, plain, one-time that will do suit! Instead start a collection by buying a new jacket and trouser suit and adding shirts and accessories to it overtime. This will give you a versatile suit that you can wear in many different ways for many different occasions. Now you can take your suit from the office – to after work drinks – to that all important dinner date and straight through to the weekend wedding you have RSVP’d to.

How you ask? We are going to show you - starting with the wedding guest suit, which is most likely, the reason why you have decided to buy a new suit.


  • Take inspiration from our top seller Autograf crafted from Super 120s Wool, available in black, and blue
  • Dress it up with a vest, bold statement tie, pocket square, stylish cufflinks and sleek leather shoes. Try our Igor leather lace-up shoe with the signature trans - Siberian railway motif resin sole. Make that statement every time you lift that shoe.
  • Dress it down and show off some of your fair and personality. Accessorize with cufflinks, hat, belt, pocket square or footwear.

Black Autograf

Black Autograf

 Blue Autograf

Blue Autograf



  • It’s time to show off that shirt of yours and showcase some of your personal style and personality! It’s a dinner date which means that you will probably be sitting and this means that you will either have your jacket open and unbuttoned or flicked over your chair. Whatever the case, it’s time for your shirt to shine. Add a different shirt and lose the tie or vest. Pick a shirt with colour/pattern that makes a statement. Go the extra step and add a funky belt, shoe or cufflinks to really look on-trend.


Take your jacket and trouser suit set to the office, simply dress it up or dress it down.
  • If your office or office events are super-fancy, keep the tie but don’t be afraid to add a bit of colour. Gone are the days of boring socks and black and white suits- add a pop of colour and some trending patterns to your suit to stand out and show off your personality. Your fun colour/pattern socks will be a conversation starter and that shirt – well it will keep people talking!
  • If your office is a more casual setting, why not lose the tie and add a bit of fun to your shirt. Pair it with a matching belt and shoe and have a little fun with your cufflinks. Don’t forget to add some colour/pattern to your socks to truly reflect your personality and fun side.

 Hearts Navy Micro Super

Navy Micro Super 100


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