Perfect Knits for All Year Round

It is officially winter in Australia and there is no better time to buy one of our knits. They are lightweight but warm, made of 100% merino wool and machine washable in cold water.

The perfect piece to wear for a season change, form warm into winter. 

This year has officially been the weirdest and slowest year that we can remember. 

At Wolf based out of Melbourne, we had what some would call a questionable summer.

It started with a mixture of:

1. extreme heat (we were scared of the sun and tried to stay in the shade)


2. downright cold days. (no, 15 degrees in the heat of summer is not acceptable by any standards, unless you live in Denmark and then you are basically living in the arctic circle). 

Neither of these options were what anyone (and we did ask around) was hoping for. Even while wearing KIROV, our crew neck knit, perfect for this changeable weather. 

We would find ourselves gazing off into the sunset imagining that perfect 28 degree day…

Suddenly news started to assault us from every which way of a mysterious new illness, COVID-19.

At first you could kind of ignore it, well we only have like 30 cases in Australia…so maybe this won’t get real, but before we knew it, images of Italy were being catapulted onto our screens and the fear, and realisation grew very real.

#STAYHOME we were told and that was all well and good cause the sun was goddam shining, and for those warm yet cosy days spent at home we had KASLI our polo neck knits.

Flash forward to the first weekend of April and Melbourne and the whole state is drenched, recording snow fall on the top of Mt Buller.

Now, we know it is April but after this phantom summer, but we are genuinely shocked that the weather would turn on us like that. But it is ok, because we have the perfect knits to cover your back for all these conditions.

At Wolf we care above all about fit, so how it looks while maintaining maximum comfort, so that it work by itself or under tailoring.

With different colour options we have your perfect year-round jumper sorted.


“We aspire to be a brand of the 21st century: 100% online and without any intermediary. From you to us directly”

Leo et Violette founders