We are all in this together

We are all struggling right now consumed by the current global health crisis. In our 94 years of operation, we have never experienced anything quite like this. We wish you all good health and safety.

At Wolf, we are doing what we can to be part of the solution - acting responsibly for the benefit of our team and our customers and promoting increased hygiene measures across the business and a work from home policy.We are in this together.

We have always been about community and making beautiful tailored clothing that makes us happy and allows us to connect with like minded souls.

Our online store will continue to trade should you wish to, with free shipping all orders. Nothing will become out of date and any returns or issues will be carried over until we can fulfill accordingly.

We're not going anywhere, so please contact us should you need to and we'll come back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding during this uncertain period, we wish you well.

Meanwhile, stay safe and be there for one another.

The Wolf Kanat team.



“We aspire to be a brand of the 21st century: 100% online and without any intermediary. From you to us directly”

Leo et Violette founders