Double this your most unlikely wardrobe essential?

At some point every guy will need to purchase a suit and for all the trends that come in and out of fashion, the suit still remains at the centre of men’s style.

Amongst the endless choices, lies a style that has a rich utilitarian history and offers you unexpected versatility - we're talking about the Double Breasted jacket.

So what is this all about? What makes the DB so different and unique?

The DB can be described as a jacket that bears symmetrical sets of buttons on each side, with the left side folding over the right to be secured by one or two of them.

Fitted and worn well, the DB jacket is a style that flatters the majority of men. It broadens your shoulders, cinches your waist and hides your belly.
So, bullet proof charisma? maybe not, but wear it with confidence and the style points will come. Nothing and no one will stop you from wearing it all the time and everywhere.

So where did it all begin?

Like many great style icons - fashion has evolved from function and to understand the Double Breasted jacket we need to go back to its early military origins with the Royal Navy.

Out of necessity, the tailors had to develop a jacket to protect the sailors from the harsh conditions they experienced at sea, all whilst keeping the moveability for them to perform their duty. The naval reefer jacket or peacoat (named after the sailors whose job it was to 'reef' the sails) was born and is the inspiration for what we now know as the double-breasted jacket.

Do you know why the panels on the peacoat are crossed?

No ?
To allow sailors to close the right or left panel of their jacket according to the direction of the wind ... not bad hey?!
At the end of the 19th century in England, the military were making lighter jackets inspired by the peacoat and the double breasted style began its migration from function to fashion.

Fast forward to the 50’s and post war Hollywood. From Casablanca to Miami, from gangsters to Wall St. The DB's style cred was firmly set.


These days, the DB offers you so much more versatility and still generates a rather radical reaction.

The DB is dead long live the DB!

In 2019, you have to reinvent the way you wear it. The DB jacket is a piece with an extraordinary stylistic power. It's like Thor's hammer, except that everyone can wear it!
It leaves you room to explore, mix and match and be creative.


And we’ve provided you with a great platform to master your next outfit with our Alexander jacket cut in an elegant slim fit, lightweight stretch wool.

Our latest DB is the perfect choice for all occasions: For the office as well as your Friday night out with friends in the city. Why are we proud of our DBs at Wolf? Well, because we create and manufacture every single panel ourselves and we’ve been doing so since 1928 in Melbourne.

When you put it on, we hope you'll feel proud to wear it also

This is the mystical magic that surrounds the DB jacket.

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