Knowing that life was meant to be enjoyed,  and lived to the fullest, Wolf Kanat – caged by the oppressive Hammer & Sickle – broke free from Russian communism and fled the land he once called home.
The master tailor soon found himself arriving  at the shores of Australia. This new climate  – as rugged and harsh as the coldest Russian winter – provided both new opportunity and challenges. And Mr. Wolf was no stranger to either.

Combining his European craftsmanship with  quality fabric, he set about creating a new style of suit designed especially for the Australian man. He poured over the garment’s every detail, weaving an intricate story into his masterpieces – his story and his love for the good things in life.
With a Moscow Mule in his hand, and an  Ace of Spades up his sleeve, Wolf built a future for his family, embroidering the Kanat name into the very fabric of Australian culture.
We are here to honour and continue his dream of tailoring the Australian man into a suave and sophisticated individual. To lead him from the bland and unfashionable. To provide a suit that endures a busy lifestyle and stands at the centre of attention, no matter the occasion.